For reps, Cobbler is your producers’ best friend.
For studios, Cobbler is your rep.

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Cobbler is a many-in-one business tool for talent agencies and creative studios. Thinks like a producer. Looks like a lucid dream.
Guaranteed to rein in chaos by at least 93%

For Reps

Cobbler is your best producer, cloned. Add one human to Cobbler, and you’ll finally run a scalable business with ease.

For Studios

Cobbler makes custom quotes and invoices that look as good as you do, allowing maximum time to do what you do best—create.

Cobbler is your best producer, cloned. Add one human to Cobbler, and you’ll finally run a scalable business with ease.

Change your path:

We hacked many tools over the years and then cobbled together the best bits to form one powerful, intuitive tool. It’s the only platform made for commission-based industries like ours that ensures everyone gets a fair piece of the pie.

Manage clients smoothly. Let them choose their own licensing packages with a few clicks. Quote in multiple ways and fast. Create and send gorgeous quotes and invoices in your own brand.

Cobbler thinks like us, works like us, and gives us maximum time for people, chaos, creation and staring out the window.

Forget all the talk, just show
me what the damn thing does!

Cobbler is your shortcut to freedom.

Quote once, feed many.

Cobbler thinks like you do. View margins at-a-glance, split up single line items into unlimited pieces and get detailed breakdowns on who gets what.

Finally, a quoting system for commission-based talent agencies. 

A born negotiator.

Send multiple license and usage options at once.

Let clients build out their own usage packages.

Get automated reminders for expiring usage, so you’re ahead at every step.

Cobbler works while you sleep.

Cobbler thinks locally and globally with simple timelines, easy-to-follow milestones for delivery and approval, and multiple timezones included by default.

Administration made desirable.

Every single touchpoint is branded and designed and can be saved, printed, or viewed online. So you’ll look good in every format.

Cobbler keeps you organised and collected.

Set up a portal for each job and house negotiations, emails and notes in the one spot. Clients will see what they’ve always seen, but you’ll see the magic behind-the-scenes with one window for every view.

Spot tomorrow’s opportunities with an intuitive CRM.

Cobbler comes with an intelligent, easy-to-tackle pipeline. Simple to run-through. Fulfilling to use. And intuitive because it was built for industries like ours.

Everyone under one roof.

Manage and onboard all your staff, artists, and vendors. Supports agency grouping, artist check-ins and Recipient-Created Invoices.

Comprehensive Post-Production

Keep track of what jobs need to go on socials or folios. Also includes a built-in license tracker to follow up or renew licenses about to expire.

Deep Xero Integration

Push invoices and RCIs to Xero straight from Cobbler. Bring in all your custom account codes and tracking categories as well.

Insights at your fingertips.

Need to prepare for a busy period? Want to know if a lull is a one-off or ongoing trend? The cobbler dashboard and reporting system is your safety net.

Dedicated Support and Onboarding

Work directly with founding product team who actually understand how your business works and how to get you set up for success.


Cobbler is a natively designed web app built on the Ruby on Rails development framework and moves as quickly as your deadlines.

Features & Pricing
One Size Fits All

Produce everything from an editorial piece to a complex animation or photo shoot.


The first quoting tool with in-built support for agent commissions.

A CRM for Humans

Gamify your marketing efforts as a team and never lose touch with a client or lead.

Built for Licensing

Allow clients to build their own quotes by providing multiple usage options.

Markup Modes

Split up a single line item to as many parties as you need. See what money is going where.

Multiple Time-Zone Support

Detailed milestone schedule maker with automatic time-zone adjustments.

Built-in Chat Module

Directly communicate with your client without leaving Cobbler.

Customised Invoicing

All documents are sent as beautiful websites using your brand with print to PDF support.

Your own Subdomain

Each Agency account gets its own subdomain.

Multi-currency and Tax Support

Bring in as many currencies and bank accounts as you like and set up rules for how they are applied.

Multiple Location Profiles

Add profiles for as many regional offices as you like.

Commencement Invoices

Get Up-front payment on your jobs.

Staff Management

Manage your entire team with multiple access and approval levels.

One-click Approvals

Get quick client approval with time-stamping and IP tracking.

Invoice and License Trackers

Track overdue invoices and licenses.

Unlimited Revisions

Create and keep track of as many versions of an estimate as you need.

Kill Fee and Discount Support

Implement customisable kill fee tables according to job type.

ASF Support

Support for agency service fees and multiple commission structures.

Recipient-Created Invoices

Full support for RCTIs, including exchange rate adjustments.

Artist Advances and Expenses

Support for artist expenses and fees advanced to artist, including reconciliation.

Customisable Templates

Templates and customisable content galore. Everything you see is editable and dynamic.


View full logs and history per job to see who did what, when.

Resource Tracker

Attach contracts, external urls etc.

Contact Tracker

Track contacts as they move across companies.

Customisable T&C’s

BYO T&C’s, and support for optional special/customised conditions.

Health Tracker

Custom dashboard using our unique agency health tracker.

Extras and Overages

Need something a bit extra? Keep track of all additional client requests.

Everything Together

Keep detailed project scope and deliverables so nothing falls between the cracks.

Job Graveyard and Purgatory

For those jobs that didn't go your way...

Wip it

Get a birds-eye view of all active jobs, estimates out for approval and new enquiries.

Built-In Email

Easily send paperwork via email directly from Cobbler with rich formatting options.

Booking Forms

Keep your talent on the same page with their jobs and bookings.

White Labelled

Your Logo, your T&C's, your images, your brand.

Line Item Library

Bring your own catalogue of line items and work your own way.

Talent Catch-Ups

Log notes from 1-on-1's, and ensure everyone feels the love on the regular.

Post-Production Modules

Forget your spreadsheets. Track things like social media scheduling, folio updating and expiring licenses all from within Cobbler.

Integration with Xero

Push invoices and RCIs directly to your Xero file with support for your unique account and tracking codes.

Custom Reporting

Run detailed reports on agency fees. Quickly see your top clients, artists, and more.


Built as a native web app on the Ruby on Rails framework.

1-on-1 Onboarding

Get onboarded directly with the founding product team, including data import.

Email, Slack, and Zoom Support

Unlimited support when you need it.

Custom Development

Have a super-specific way you work on something? We can adapt the app to suit (additional fees apply).


$100 USD

per user/month

Five user minimum.

Price includes 1-on-1 onboarding, data transfer + input, plus unlimited ongoing support.

Reps license(s) left*


*Cobbler will take on a maximum of 20 agencies for the first 12 months

Want to see Cobbler in action?

Book a free demo or Q&A with us on Calendly.

Designed for The Jacky Winter Group, now shared with friends.

See the guy to the right? That’s me, Jeremy—founder of The Jacky Winter Group. Over the past 17 years, I’ve spent countless hours on the web, searching for a system that’d take care of the administration for a business like ours. Alas, it was nowhere to be found. So, after many, many hours of tinkering, hacking and refining, I wished the unicorn into existence and developed Cobbler—a phenomenal mash-up of intuitive systems that automates the thinking of your best producer and agent.

Jeremy Wortsman, Founder of Jacky Winter

We know this works
We know this works


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Don’t just take our word for it

Cobbler has streamlined our agency, reducing human error rates through systematic processes. Things like online quote signing and shared job sheets ensure no surprises with rates and invoices.

Rachael Hart
Founder, Hart & Co

Cobbler is the secret sauce that has consistently given our artists an edge. In addition to the days of time it saves when quoting and managing jobs, there's nothing quite like the buzz when a client compliments your paperwork!

Bianca Bramham
Managing Agent & Producer

Cobbler has been key to our success in winning new business and retaining repeat clients. We love the ability to see custom reports so we can sense check where our team is, and identify opportunities.

Jes Harris
Lead Producer

Cobbler is so fresh out of the oven that we're still gathering testimonials! Perhaps you could be our next client? Drop us a line at [email protected] to learn more.

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Cobbler was designed on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung People. We acknowledge the Custodians of these lands and their rich contributions to many aspects of creativity which we are the fortunate recipients of, and pay respect to their Elders past and present.

Cobbler was designed on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung People. We acknowledge the Custodians of these lands and their rich contributions to many aspects of creativity which we are the fortunate recipients of, and pay respect to their Elders past and present.

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